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Mayordomos de los dones de Dios   天主恩寵的管家

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A Glimpse of Spirituality 靈修一瞥102 (Luke 14:15-24)       

Who can enter heaven? Who will go to hell? We have been taught that on the last day, God will sit on the throne to judge all people. Those who had done good things will be invited to heaven but to those who did evil, hell will be their punishment.

Jesus hinted in the parable of the Great Dinner that he was befriending the sinners and preaching the good news of God’s salvation to the poor and the abandoned because the scribes and Pharisees have rejected him while the sinners have accepted him wholeheartedly. That is to say, the sinners can enter into heaven not because of their being sinless but repentance. Those who reject Jesus as their Lord, no matter if they are religious leaders or political authorities; they opt for themselves the fire of hell.

Strictly, Jesus said, “none of those who were invited shall taste my banquet.” The banquet, as Jesus mentioned, is for “the poor and maimed and blind and lame.” The passive participle “invited” (keklēmenōn) in Greek refers to participation and enjoyment in an event, i.e. eternal life. Noteworthy is that everyone is invited by God through the proclamation of the good news. However, going to heaven or stepping into hell is people’s own option. Attendance at the great dinner is the expression of the people’s faith in God.

God’s hands stretch to everyone but not everyone will give God hands. The invitation to the poor and abandoned tells us that God’s invitation to each one of us is purely an act of grace and not something that we deserve by our good works. When people freely accept Jesus as their savior they must dedicate their lives to Jesus.

Let us examine whether we have fully accepted God’s invitation to the messianic banquet and remember that the banquet implies self-giving love to God and others that is based on faith and repentance.


耶穌宴席的比喻中指出,他與罪人交往,並向一切窮人和被遺棄者宣講天主救恩的福音;因為經師和法利塞人拒絕他,而罪人卻全心全意跟隨他。 也就是說,罪人能升天堂,不是因為無罪,而是因為悔改。那些拒絕耶穌為主的人,無論宗教領導或政治權威;他們為自己選擇地獄永火。





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Sacramento Chinese Catholic community was formed with the purpose of establishing a base for Chinese speaking people to come to know God and to worship him. Language barrier and ethnic difference have been keeping a lot of people from the house of God. They couldn't fully participate in the church and didn't have a sense of belonging. Now with our own Chinese speaking priest, the Sacramento Chinese Catholic Community is becoming more and more lively.

We sincerely invite you: if you were a Catholic and were not able to participate in mass or sacraments due to language barrier, this is your home; if you were a Catholic with no language barrier, are you willing to help God build up His church locally for the Chinese speaking people? If you were not a Catholic yet, you will find God here by feeling the love among our members.

Even if you were not one of those above, we still want to invite you to visit us and then you can properly introduce us to your friends who may need a group like this.

Check us out by coming to our Chinese mass at 2:00pm on a Sunday, or just call one of the contact persons. See you soon!

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On the first Sunday of every month, before the Chinese Mass at 2:00 pm.

Please contact Father Chui or John Wong in advance.

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

c/o Sacramento Chinese Catholic Community

1017 11th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 583-8306


Priest: Fr. Abraham Chiu
(510) 588-0481

President: John Wong


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