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A Pilgrim's Guide to Sacramento Cathedral

With this booklet you can conduct a self-guided tour around the cathedral and learn its history at your own pace. Available in our gift shop.

The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

This book delves into the cathedral history, including the renovation and restoration. Available in our gift shop.

Learn about the cathedral with this slideshow by Denise Fracchia, Cathedral Docent.

See pictures of the 2005 restoration and renovation of the Cathedral in a slideshow by Denise Fracchia, Cathedral Docent.

This document identifies the saints in Mary's Chapel and the martyrs in the Martyrs Chapel.

This document defines terms and translates some of the Latin found in the cathedral.

This diagram shows a layout of the cathedral.

This document tells you more about the Rueter Organ and its history.

These notecards can be used to train new docents or as a supplement to a self-guided tour.

This document serves as a guide for teachers planning a tour of the Cathedral with their students. The material included in this guide is tailored for grades 4-8.

This document provides additional ideas and tips you can incorporate into your school's tour of the Cathedral.

This is a PDF of different roles for student assignment. See the "Teacher Tour Guide" above for more detail.

This memory sheet serves as a review tool for students who have toured the Cathedral. It includes several fill-in-the-blank sentences, providing an excellent way to measure what students saw and learned during their visit.

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